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#148 -Canceled Vehicle or Title Status - (Revised 10/23/2014)

11:24 AM

#148 -Canceled Vehicle or Title Status


Procedural Quick Update                                                                                          #148


RE:                              Canceled Vehicle or Title Status

Effective date:          October 23, 2014

To:                               All MVD

From:                          Kimberly Hamerdinger, Training Manager – MVD Learn


[This is the latest in a series of procedural updates. These updates deal with specific MVD procedures and practices. Managers and Supervisors should consistently distribute the updates to all personnel and integrate them into regular information and training sessions.]


  • What to do if the vehicle or title status is listed as cancelled.


Vehicle Status Cancelled

When the vehicle status is listed as cancelled, the process is:

  1. Field Office contacts Field Operations to update the vehicle status to active.
  2. Field Operations updates the vehicle status to active and changes the title status to M for MTDCAN
  3. Once the vehicle status is updated, Field Office runs the transaction as normal.

Title Status Cancelled

In the rare case that the title status is listed as cancelled, the process is:

  1. Field Office contacts Field Operations for the issuance of a no-fee 7-day temp tag.
  2. Field Operations issues the temp tag, prints, scans it via Xerox, and emails it to the Field Office for printing and distribution to the customer. If email is not available for that office or clerk, Field Operations may fax a copy.
  3. Field Office sends an email to Daniel Rivera with the subject line TITLE STATUS CANCELLED followed by the VIN.  The email body should contain the VIN, title #, previous title state, year of title issuance, and customer phone number.  Faith Armijo and Bernadette Gonzales need to be CC’d as they are the backups for Daniel.
  4. Error Resolution will research and update the title status as appropriate.
  5. If the title status is updated to active, Error Resolution will contact the customer to have them go back to the field office and purchase their title. If the title status cannot be updated, Error Resolution will still contact the customer and inform them of what they need to complete the transaction.


Field office managers and supervisors should refer any comments or questions regarding this Procedural Quick Update to their Bureau Chiefs, with cc to

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