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Can I buy my way through at the Port of Entry? How much is it?

2:36 PM

Yes, if a carrier does not have the IRP Registration Cab Card listing New Mexico, or have a New Mexico Tax Identification Permit, the carrier is required to pay the following:

  • 0 lbs. - 26,000 lbs. | seven cents per mile
  • 26,001 lbs. - 54,000 lbs. | 12 cents per mile
  • 54,001 lbs. - 72,000 lbs. | 15 cents per mile
  • Over 72,000lbs. | 16 cents per mile

If a carrier does not have an IFTA License or decals, the carrier will pay additional fees of five cents per mile (computed on a consumption basis), and $5.00 for a forty- eight (48) hour fuel permit that is valid for one (1) trip.

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